Introduction To Biomicroscopy

- Jun 10, 2019-

Biomicroscopy is widely used in research institutes of biology, bacteriology, histology and pharmacochemistry. It can be used for clinical trials in medical treatment and for teaching in school laboratories. With binocular barrel and LED cold light source, lighting can continuously adjust brightness and darkness, and binocular barrel can rotate 360 degrees freely. This series of binocular biomicroscopy can be used in school teaching, hospital teaching, family education and other industries. This series of biomicroscopes have the advantages of small size, light weight and easy operation. They are suitable for medical and health institutions, laboratories, research institutes and universities.

Biomicroscopy system is a high-tech product which combines precision optical microscopy technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology and computer image processing technology. It can observe real-time dynamic images easily on the display screen and edit, save and print the required images. LED biomicroscopy is equipped with flat-field achromatic objective lens and computer image processing technology. Large field eyepiece has the characteristics of clear imaging, wide field of vision and easy operation. It can be widely used in biology, medicine, industry, agriculture and other fields. It is an ideal instrument for medical, teaching and scientific research units. It is equipped with large field eyepiece and flat field achromatic objective lens, coaxial focusing mechanism with large and clear field of view, coarse and flexible adjustable, with locking and limiting device, and micro-motion grid value: 2 microns adopts Kerr. Le lighting mode, LED lighting, brightness adjustable.