Image Analysis Instrument Atomic Microscope

- Oct 01, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Type: Stereomicroscope

  • Mobility: Desktop

  • Kind of Light Source: Laser

  • Usage: Teaching

  • Principle of Optics: Phase Contrast Microscope

  • Work Mode: FM-Tapping, Optional Contact, Friction, Phase,Magn

  • Scanningrange: 20 Mmin Xydirection,2 mm in Z Direction.

  • Image Sampling Point: 256*256,512*512

  • Scanrate: 0.6Hz~4.34Hz

  • Feedback: DSP Digital Feedback

  • Transport Package: Wooden Case Package

  • Origin: China(Mainland)

  • Magnification: 4X

  • Number of Cylinder: No

  • Stereoscopic Effect: Stereoscopic Effect

  • Shape: Pentagonal Prism

  • Principle: Optics

  • Name: Atomic Microscope

  • Size: 90mm*20m

  • Movementrange of Sample: ±6.5mm

  • Optical Magnification: 4X

  • Scanangle: 0°~360°

  • Trademark: nanbei

  • Specification: 54*55*99cm

Product Description

 image analysis instrument atomic microscope

 Integrated scanning probe and sample stagenhanced the anti-interference ability.
2  Precision laser and probe positioning device make changing the probe andadjusting the spot simple and convenient.
3. By using the sample probe approaching manner,the needle could perpendicular to thesample scanning.       
4.   Automaticpulse motor drive control sample probe vertical approaching, to achieve precisepositioning of the scanning area.
5.   Samplescanning area of interest could freely moved by using the design of highprecision sample mobile device.
6.   CCDobservation system with optical positioning achieves real-time observation andpositioning of the probe sample scan area.
7.   Thedesign of electronic control system of modularization facilitated maintenanceand continuous improvement of circuit.
8.   Theintegration of multiple scanning mode control circuit, cooperate with softwaresystem.
9.    Spring suspension which simple and practicalenhanced anti-interference ability.