How To Choose Manual Rotation Stage?

- Mar 02, 2020-

The key components of the Motorized Rotation Stage are the drive screw, guide rail, body material, machining accuracy, and the level of the machine's assembly and adjustment process have a greater impact on the quality of the electronic control console.

Most of the drive screws use ball screws, grinding screws and trapezoidal screws. The ball screw and the nut realize the rolling transmission through the steel ball, the operation is stable, the transmission efficiency is high, and the high-speed operation is easy. The grinding screw and the trapezoidal screw are driven by sliding between the screw and the nut. The grinding screw can adopt a small lead to improve the system resolution. Trapezoidal screw drive torque is large, can achieve self-locking, especially as a vertical axis, the effect is better (bearing large, power off self-locking).

The guide rail has a great influence on the bearing, running straightness and stroke of the electronic control adjustment platform. At present, the commonly used rail types mainly include cross rollers, linear sliders (square rails), linear bearings (circular guide rails), and linear bearings with support (supporting circular guide rails).

The body material and machining accuracy have a certain influence on the quality of the electronic control console. Stainless steel and aluminum are generally used. The processing equipment and process of the body are essential to ensure the machining accuracy of the body.

The level of the whole machine assembly process also has an impact on the quality of the electronically controlled displacement stage. The machine must be equipped with the necessary tooling and testing equipment.

The normal use and maintenance of the Motorized Lab Jack is very important. Long-term overload operation, high or low ambient temperature will affect the accuracy of electronically controlled translation. In severe cases, the electronic control console will not work. A protective cover must be installed in a place with a large dust. The screws and guide rails must be regularly replenished with grease or lubricant. Different greases or lubricants can be selected according to different screws, different guide rails and working environment.