How To Choose CCD Camera And Industrial Lens

- Jun 13, 2019-

First, choose the right lens. The selection of lens should follow the following principles:

1) How big is the chip size of the matching camera?

2) What kind of interface is the camera? C interface, CS interface or other interface?

3) The working distance of the lens;

4) Field of view angle of lens;

5) Spectral characteristics of lens;

6) lens distortion rate;

7)Lens mechanical structure size;

When choosing a CCD camera, the following aspects should be considered comprehensively:

1) Type of photosensitive chip; CCD or CMOS

2) Video characteristics, including point and line frequencies.

3) Signal output interface;

4) Camera working mode: continuous, trigger, control, asynchronous reset, long time integration.

5) Video parameter adjustment and control methods: Manual, RS232.

At the same time, when choosing CCD, it should be noted that l inch = 16 mm instead of 25.4 mm.