How To Choose A Biomicroscope?

- May 23, 2019-

Microscope is an indispensable instrument in biological laboratory, which is equipped with large quantities. Therefore, it is very important to select and purchase microscopes correctly. It can not only meet the needs, but also save money. In general, we can consider the number of eyepieces, optical parts, structural materials, light sources and so on. Microscopes can be divided into monocular, binocular and trinocular microscopes according to the number of eyepieces used.

The core of the quality of a microscope is its optical part, that is, the eyepiece and the objective lens. For the objective lens, it is mainly divided into achromatic objective lens, half-flat field achromatic objective lens and flat field achromatic objective lens.

Microscope has a long service life, some of which can reach more than 10 years. High quality parts and rigorous assembly are the guarantee of its service life. Therefore, we should choose a microscope with a solid frame.

There are generally three kinds of light sources of microscopy: tungsten filament lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, tungsten filament lamp is also incandescent lamp.

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