How Should The Electric Lifting Platform Be Maintained And Maintained?

- Feb 28, 2020-

Electric Lifting Platform are a whole consisting of the platform and the equipment, motors, cables and other auxiliary equipment used to operate them.

Motorized Lab Jack machinery and equipment maintenance rules:

1. The contact opening and closing of the travel switch of each safety device must be reliable, and the contact arc should be polished in time.

2. Lubrication and hydraulic oil of various parts such as gearbox, gearbox and external gear are in accordance with the requirements in the lubrication table.

3. Pay attention to check whether the wire rope of each part has broken wire or loose strands.

4. Always check whether the operation of each organization is normal, whether there is noise or not. If a fault is found, it must be eliminated in time.

5. Always check all wires and cables for damage. It is necessary to dress and replace the damaged part in time.


6. For each part of the brush, keep the contact surface clean and adjust the brush pressure so that the contact area is not less than 50%.

7. Each control box, distribution box, etc. are always kept clean, and the dust on the electrical equipment is cleaned in time.

8. The brakes of each mechanism should be checke6d frequently and the gap between the brake shoes and the brake wheel should be adjusted to ensure flexibility and reliability. On the friction surface, there should be no dirt, and the dirt must be washed away with gasoline or thinner.

9. When installing, disassembling and adjusting the slewing mechanism, care should be taken to ensure that the center line of the slewing mechanism reducer is parallel to the center line of the gear, and the meshing surface is not less than 70%. The meshing clearance should be suitable.