How Does The Electric Rotary Table Reduce Noise?

- Mar 12, 2020-

The Motorized Rotation Stage is a machine that relies on the motor to drive and automatically adjust the angle. It plays an extremely important role in the precision instrument processing industry. There is basically noise in the operation of the machine, but the noise of the electric rotary table is very small, how is the noise of the rotary table reduced?

In the actual use, the electric rotary table can realize the automatic adjustment of the angle and the finishing of the worm gear transmission device, which can make the angle adjustment of the rotary table infinite. At the same time, the electric rotary table is also marked with a laser scale, which can be rotated relative to the table to facilitate initial positioning and reading during use.

Motorized Rotation Stage

According to the China Motorized Stage Supplier, the electric rotary table adopts a worm gear structure with precise research and development, which is comfortable to move, can rotate in any forward and reverse directions and has a small return. The stepping motor and the worm are connected by imported high-quality elastic couplings. The transmission is synchronized, the depolarization performance is good, the eccentric disturbance is greatly reduced and the noise is small; and the central through hole and the rotating center of the Shanghai electric rotary table have strict coaxiality requirements, and the central aperture of the rotary table has strict tolerance tolerance, which is convenient. Customers do precise positioning.