How Does A Linear Module Achieve High Precision?

- Mar 06, 2020-

The precision azimuth positioning skill is one of the fundamental skills to support the high-precision and high-speed of today's production equipment, measuring equipment and high-density intelligence equipment, and is one of the discriminative specifications for high-quality linear modules. Therefore, the linear module uses a reasonable azimuth positioning organization plan, so that it can achieve high precision. Let's take a closer look.

1. High-precision motion reference: High-precision motion is generally determined by the motion reference data of mechanical motion. In a linear module with stable function, the servo motor cylinder's motion reference can be composed of rail components. When measuring and compensating for correction of motion errors, the mechanical system of the linear module, such as the steel ruler, will become the data of the measurement target, so the manufacturer will use the high shape accuracy as the benchmark of the linear module, and the linear motor will improve its motion. Precision.

2, reasonable motion organization planning: With high-precision motion benchmarks, it is also necessary to have a reasonable motion organization planning, so that it can perfectly match the motion benchmark to achieve high precision. Therefore, in the production, the linear module will consider the influence of internal force and external force, as well as the elastic plastic deformation and friction of the parts. The micro-electric steel reasonably plans the components and equipment of the motion system to ensure that no shape errors will occur. 


3. Correct detection of the motion sensor system: Even with the correct motion reference and organization, it is necessary to have a sensor system that can correctly detect motion to ensure the motion accuracy of the linear module. Therefore, the linear module will reflect the displacement signal of the moving part into the control system, so that it constitutes a closed-loop control, and the single-axis arm measures and corrects the positioning accuracy of the moving body.

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