High Precision Motorized Rotary Stage,PX110-400

- Nov 25, 2020-

    High Precision Motorized Rotary Stage,PX110-400 Structure Specifications

    1  Item Number: PX110-400

    2  Rotation Range: 360° of Continuous Rotation

    3  Diameter of Platform: Ø400mm

    4  Drive Mechanism: Worm Gear

    5  Worm Gear Ratio: 720 : 1

    6  Stepper Motor (1.8°): 57BYG - Stepping  Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle

    7  Material – Finish: Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized

    8  Load Capacity: 75Kgs

    9  Weight: 21kgs

    Accuracy Specifications

       Design Resolution: ≈0.005°≈18″(Non-MS Driver); ≈1″(20MS Drive)

       Rotation Center Deflection Accuracy: 0.03 mm

       Max Velocity: 10°/sec

       Repeatability: ±3”

       Absolute Accuracy: ±8”

       Backlash: ±3”

       Lost Motion: 2″

    Product advantages

    With step motor and RS232 interface, the PC series motion controller independently developed by the company can realize automatic control.

    1. The rotary shaft system adopts multi-channel precision machining, with high precision, large bearing capacity and long service life.

    2. The worm and worm structure with precise research is adopted, and the motion is comfortable, which can be rotated in any direction and in the reverse direction, and the air return is extremely small;

    3. The special structure design ensures the low end jump and eccentricity of the rotating table, making the rotary motion more stable

    4.  Increase the limit function, increase the initial zero, replace the servo motor, install the rotary encoder, and accept the product modification and customization;

    High Precision Motorized Rotary Stage,PX110-400 Product Structure Drawing