Guide For The Use Of Laser-adjustable Frames

- Jul 10, 2017-

Adjust the position of the laser frame bracket as follows:

1. Ensure that the beam emitted from the laser tube is shot in the center of the Mirror.

2, in front of the $number mirror paste double-sided adhesive paper, move the beam to the position nearest the laser tube, press bursts (to control the appropriate light intensity), and make a mark (special note: To prevent the laser radiation wounding, please first use a piece of cardboard to test the approximate location of the spot, and then adjust).

3, gradually move the beam to the farthest position from the laser tube, press bursts, marking the last mark.

4, if two marks do not coincide, adjust the mirror, so that the two Mark center overlap.

5, repeat the second step to the fourth step, until two of the Mark Center completely coincide.

6, in front of the $number mirror affixed double-sided adhesive paper, the car (laser head) to the nearest $number reflector position, press bursts (control appropriate light intensity), marking a mark.

7, gradually move the laser head (car) away from the $number reflector farthest position, press bursts (preferably with a piece of cardboard, first to detect the location of the spot, in case of wounding), marking a mark.

8, if two mark does not coincide, adjust $number reflector, make these two Mark center coincide.

9, repeat sixth steps to eighth, until two of the Mark Center completely coincide.

10, in the front of the $number reflector in the hole with double-sided adhesive tape, bursts, marking. If in the center, then qualified.

11, if the laser does not fall into the center of the hole into the light, on the point of the map and offset.

Upper and lower deviations: the laser tube can only be raised or lowered.

Deviation inside and outside: the laser tube can only be adjusted outwards or outward.

You must lower the laser tube, and then start all over again from the first step.

Vertical adjustment of laser adjusting frame

1, light road four points overlap, and the laser is transferred to the middle of the $number reflector

2, CM and TM series machines by adjusting the 3 brass screws on the $number reflector to allow the laser to pass through the middle of the jet hole.

3, YM series models through the $number reflector under the pad double-sided plastic let the laser from the middle of the jet hole through

4, if there is a slight deviation around, adjust the $number head seat to the left or right to make the light path perpendicular

5, if there is a slight deviation before and after, generally because the $number head seat itself has a deviation caused by the replacement of the adjustment of the vertical light path can be.