Functional Characteristics And Use Attention Of Displacement Platform

- Jul 15, 2019-

Functional Characteristics and Use Attention of Displacement Platform

Functional characteristics:

The displacement platform guidance system provides stable orientation and guidance guarantee for high speed and long travel.

The powerful linear motor of the displacement table provides high load energy and large driving force.

Location feedback and closed-loop digital servo control provided by high resolution linear encoder (grating ruler) of mobile station;

The mobile station is made in the United States with strong durability, high reliability and long-term operation.

Notes for displacement table:

1. All kinds of mobile stations have their own weight and bearing capacity, so they must be considered comprehensively when they are combined.

2. When used vertically, the load-bearing capacity should be considered to be small. When the load-bearing capacity of the moving station is too heavy, self-locking device must be added to protect the equipment of the working table.

3. Offset load problem. When the load of the mobile station deviates from the center of the mobile station, the actual allowable offset load size