Function Features And Use Of Displacement Table

- Jul 10, 2017-

function features and use of displacement table


The precision steering system of the displacement table provides a stable orientation and guidance guarantee for the high speed long stroke.

The powerful linear motor of the displacement table provides high load energy and large driving force.

Mobile platform High resolution linear encoder (grating ruler) provides accurate positioning feedback and closed-loop digital servo control;

The mobile platform has strong and durable features made in the United States, high reliability and long term work.

Displacement Station Note:

1, all kinds of electric pad have self-respect and load-bearing size, the combination must be considered comprehensively.

2, when the vertical use, should consider the load-bearing size, the electric shift table load is overweight, must add the self-locking device, protects the work table equipment.

3, the partial load problem, when the electric shift station load deviates from the center of the electric shift station, the actual allowable load loading size