Fixed Hydraulic Lifting Platform Lab Jack Introducte

- Mar 18, 2020-

Hydraulic lifting table is a large tool that we often need in our life. Many jobs and large-scale jobs can't do without it. But it has a variety of types and modeling functions. Next, I will choose two common types: fixed and movable liquid lifting platform to introduce them to you.

Fixed hydraulic lifting platform

The fixed hydraulic lifting platform is mainly a closed or reticulated hoistway enclosed by buildings or light steel structures and lifted by hydraulic cylinders.

The main components of the fixed hydraulic lifting platform are:

1. Hoistway part: it is a closed or reticulated frame enclosed by buildings or light steel structures, with profile steel guide rails installed on both sides of the interior;

2. Driving part: it is a small oil tank with hydraulic drive motor, oil pump, safety valve, speed control valve, reversing valve and other hydraulic components;

3. Oil cylinder part: it is composed of one or more oil cylinders of lifting oil cylinder straight top platform or lifting scissor frame;

4. Door system part: it is a closed or mesh platform door or landing door system composed of steel structure, with manual door and automatic door, generally, the open platform does not have a door;

5. Electrical part: including power, control, signal, safety and lighting devices;

6. Platform part: it is a steel structure platform carrying heavy objects, with closed (i.e. car type) or open type, with guide rollers or guide shoes on both sides, and the bottom of the platform can be connected with lifting oil cylinder or fork shaped steel frame of lifting shear;

7. Auxiliary part: it is composed of hydraulic pipe fitting, pipeline, pressure gauge and steel structure base, etc;

8. Safety device: safety valve, limit position, door electromechanical interlock, rupture valve, emergency switch, electrical short circuit protection, etc.

According to the use requirements, the fixed hydraulic lifting platform can be equipped with auxiliary devices for any combination, such as the safety protection device of the lifting platform; electrical control mode; working platform form; power form; walking drive mechanism, etc.