Electric Translating Platform For Sale The Determinants Of The Motion Stability

- May 17, 2019-

The determinants of the motion stability of electric translation platform

The main function of the lead screw of the electric translation table is to convert the rotary motion of the motor into the motion in the straight direction. Electronic translation platform adopts ball screw or grinding screw. Ball screw and nut form rolling friction through steel ball, smooth movement, high transmission efficiency, easy to achieve high-speed operation, and can change the ball diameter or use double nuts to effectively solve the axial clearance.

The selection of guide rail for electric translation platform is the decisive factor for the motion stability and bearing capacity of electric translation platform. At present, electronic translation table manufacturers use the form of guide mainly include: dovetail guide, cross roller guide, linear slider guide and linear bearing guide. The electric sliding table USES various forms of guide rails, but the precision electronic translation table mainly USES linear slider or cross roller guide rails.

Analysis of product advantages of electric translation platform:

1. The electric translation table can quantitatively convert the rotation motion of the motor into linear motion, and its energy conversion efficiency can reach up to 70%(ball screw), which directly improves the load capacity of the electric translation table.

2. The electric translation platform has high motion accuracy, and the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy can reach the micron level.


3, change different motion transformation form, can realize high speed movement, in many applications, the need to improve the speed of movement of the translation, in such a case, the electric displacement often appear such form, the drive for high speed servo motor and drive for a big pitch screw, or gear rack driving, cog belt and so on, so under the premise of without sacrificing accuracy and stability, improve the speed of the movement,

4. When the electric translation platform is used in combination, the tools installed on it can reach any point in the three-dimensional space, and the complex motion trajectory can be achieved through the control of linear interpolation.