Electric Lifting Platform Guarantees Every Lifting

- Apr 29, 2020-

At first glance, the Beijing PDV electric lifting platform is not much different from the ordinary lifting platform at first glance, but when you touch it and touch it, you will find that every node of it is perfectly designed in accordance with the principles of mechanics, and its body color is smooth The paint is porcelain. This also allows it to minimize wear and prevent oxidation of the fuselage during operation. This is Beijing PDV's competitive advantage over other brands, and it strives for excellence in every detail. This attitude is applied to industrial production, but it has become the safest guarantee for people's lives.

As we all know, the motorized lab jack is mostly used to lift heavy objects, and this heavy lifting object is often unshakable by human power. After such an accident, we can only helplessly accept it and sigh out the danger of this industry.

But now, we are not only able to express a sigh, but we can also solve this kind of accident from the source, we can choose the Beijing PDV elevator, give us a more responsible attitude to life safety, and give us heavy industrial production. The safest job guarantee.

Beijing PDV elevator uses a safety bar device design under the table, when the table descends and encounters obstacles, it stops falling. Not only that, but its internal power supply is also equipped with safety valves and compensation flow switches for possible emergencies. The safety valve has the ability to effectively prevent overload operation, and the compensation flow switch can effectively control the low hydraulic system; when the explosion-proof valve pressure is abnormal, or the oil pipe bursts, it can effectively prevent the platform from dropping rapidly. This design gives the staff reaction time to avoid danger and the speed of response to the crisis.

In daily use, we need to maintain the motor and various components of the electric lifting platform. If maintenance is not performed, many times the electric lifting platform will quickly age, the components are prone to rust, the chain is broken, the lifting is unstable and other sudden events Will happen. This severely affected our daily work, resulting in the work not being carried out smoothly, resulting in losses to the company, as well as possible casualties. Repair and maintenance work is not careless! So even for more compact work, the Chinese electric lifting platform supplier reminds customers that the electric lifting platform should be repaired once a month, and the hydraulic lifting platform should be changed every six months In order to avoid problems such as hydraulic fluid deterioration, which can not be raised and lowered.