Electric Displacement Table And Manual Sliding Table

- Oct 28, 2019-

With the advantages of high precision, fast speed, large load, large travel and automation, the electric displacement table series products are widely used in scientific research, laser application, automatic measurement and testing equipment, industrial automation and other fields to achieve automatic displacement control in vacuum, pollution, sterility, radiation and other environments.

The electric displacement system consists of displacement table, drive motor and control box. The driving motor and control box mainly determine the driving torque, resolution, acceleration and deceleration, signal processing, use function and other performance parameters. The displacement table is the heart of the system, and its main technical indicators such as displacement accuracy, stroke, load, stability, applicable environment, and overall dimension are determined by it.

The manual displacement table series products are mainly used to adjust six spatial degrees of freedom, such as translation, lifting, rotation, etc., which are suitable for applications with low automation and infrequent adjustment.