Brightening Method Of Microscope Objective

- Feb 27, 2020-

A method for brightening a Microscope Objective comprises: providing a microscope illumination device under the objective lens of the microscope, the microscope illumination device being composed of a base, a barrel portion and an illumination portion, the barrel portion being adjusted by the lens barrel and the middle tube The front lens barrel is composed of a front adjustment barrel, and the front lens barrel can be telescopically moved in the axial direction. The illumination part is disposed on the upper part of the front lens barrel, and the light emitting diode can be used. The light emitting diode is connected to the power source through the wire. The present invention and the existing In contrast, since a microscope illumination device is disposed under the objective lens of the microscope, the brightness of the objective lens can be increased, and the illumination device employed therein can adjust the distance between the front lens barrel and the object to be measured, and can adjust the illumination light. The strength and weakness, so you can adjust the intensity of light entering the observer's eye through the objective lens and eyepiece. For extremely small objects to be measured, it can be clearly and accurately observed, reducing the error of the measurement results and facilitating the observer's vision. protection. 

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