Dual Axis Automatic Compensation Technology

- Feb 24, 2020-

The principle of two-axis automatic compensation has been introduced in the inspection and calibration of the instrument. If the vertical axis of the total station is tilted during operation, the error of the angle observation will be caused. The observation of the left and right sides of the panel cannot be offset. The total station's unique dual-axis (or single-axis) tilting automatic compensation system monitors the tilt of the vertical axis and automatically corrects the angular error caused by the tilt of the longitudinal axis in the dial reading (some The maximum tilt of the vertical axis of the station can be allowed to ±6'). The angle error caused by the tilt of the vertical axis can also be calculated by the microprocessor automatically according to the vertical axis tilt correction calculation formula, and added to the dial reading to correct, so that the dial display reading is the correct value, the so-called vertical axis tilt Automatic compensation. The structure used for the two-axis automatic compensation: a bubble is used to calibrate the absolute horizontal plane, which is an intermediate filling liquid with gas at both ends. A light-emitting diode is placed on each of the upper sides of the blisters, and a photocell is placed on each of the lower sides of the blisters, and the light emitted by the blisters is received by a receiving light-emitting diode. Then, the intensity of the light obtained by the two diodes is compared by an arithmetic circuit. When the initial position, that is, the absolute level, the operation value is set to zero. When the whole station instrument is tilted during the operation, the arithmetic circuit calculates the difference of the light intensity in real time, and converts it into a tilted displacement, and transmits this information to the control system to determine the value of the automatic compensation. The automatic compensation method is initially calculated by the microprocessor to correct the output. Another way is to use the stepping motor to drive the micro screw to correct the offset in the direction of the axis, so that the axis is guaranteed to be absolutely horizontal.

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