Do You Know Motorized Rotation Stage Or Manual Rotating Stage?

- Jul 09, 2019-

Do you know motorized rotation stage or manual rotating stage?

Stage, below or above the objective lens, to place the specimen to be observed. The shape is square and round. There is a light hole in the middle. The specimen propeller is installed on the stage, and the spring is clamped on the left side of the propeller. Clamp the specimen, place the propeller regulating wheel under the working table, and make the specimen move from left to right. The workbench must be designed to be durable and easy to view the specimen, which means that the operation of the microscope is more stable and durable. The shape, size, weight and structure of microscopes vary according to their different USES, such as the structure of upright microscopes and inverted microscopes.

Stage functional classification:

1. The thermostat is suitable for most inverted microscopes and wide-angle stereoscopic microscopes. It can be heated automatically (or around) by a light source. Covered petri dishes or slides can be heated on the working surface.

2.Electric Rotating Platform

For example, electric linear phase, electric manual phase. The platform is a semi-high precision component and encoder of choice to meet any positioning requirements. The high speed and high precision performance of this class can meet the requirements of high resolution linear encoder.

3.Manual rotating stage

Ball guide rail X, Y axis can move continuously, support stereoscopic microscope, digital (television) microscope to use, easy to move small workpiece positioning, completely solve the problem of high magnification under jitter! It includes manual rotation phase, manual linear phase and so on.

Classified by operation type 1, load table 2 on the left and load table 2 on the right

Sort by shape 1. Square two. Stage three. Round stage