Detailed Knowledge About The Maintenance Of The Microscope

- Mar 05, 2020-

People who use microscopes don't know how to pay attention to the maintenance of the details of the microscope. It is often that some of the problems caused by these details are more serious. Because these details are not solved in time, they often bring a fatal blow to the microscope. Therefore, we must pay attention to these details about the maintenance of the microscope during and after use. Let me talk about these details for everyone:

The following details should be paid attention to before using the microscope.

1. The microscope is placed in a studio that is dust-free, dry, and not hot or cold.

2. When the microscope is not in use, wear a dust cover on the microscope, cover the eyepiece tube, or insert the eyepiece.

This prevents dust from falling into the objective lens.

3, the lens should not be wiped with alcohol cotton balls when wiping, because alcohol will dissolve the lens glue layer.

The following details should be paid attention to during the use of the microscope.

1. After plugging in the power supply, the light source should not be adjusted to the maximum immediately, which will easily damage the bulb.

2. When using oil mirror to observe, the oil should not be too much, so it is not easy to clean. If the washing is not clean, the lens will not be used next time.

So pay special attention when using oil mirrors.

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