Correct Use And Maintenance Of Optic Illuminator

- Jun 14, 2019-

Characteristics of Optic Illuminator

 Optic Illuminator is characterized by converting almost all other energy into visible light, and light of other wavelengths is very few.

Thermal light sources are different. In addition to visible light, there are a lot of infrared light. A considerable amount of energy is converted into infrared light which has no contribution to illumination.

The light from the hot light source plus the infrared filter should be about the same as that from the  Optic Illuminator, because the infrared light has been filtered out.

Correct Use and Maintenance of  Optic Illuminator

1. The light source box should be well grounded to ensure safe use. It should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated environment to avoid dust and damp erosion and direct sunlight exposure. If the environment is not clean and the ventilation is poor, the dust will accumulate in the machine for a long time, which will easily increase the temperature in the machine and affect the normal operation of electronic components. When the indoor temperature is too high in summer, ventilation should be used to reduce the temperature. At the end of use, cover with dust shield.

2. When using, especially when separating (connecting) with the water bottle, water should be prevented from immersing into the socket to prevent the corrosion of the socket. The better method is to withdraw the light guide plug of the fibre endoscope from the light source box together with the water supply pipe interface of the water supply bottle, and then separate the fibre endoscope and the water supply bottle. To avoid the water in the water bottle flowing backward to the light source box socket.

3. The light source box should be packed and stored when it is not used for a long time. And pay attention to moistureproof. Especially in the mildew season, it is best to start the machine regularly for 1 to 2 hours to prevent the mildew of electronic circuits.

4. The light source box should be well grounded. In case of failure of the light source box, electronic technicians should be asked to check it. In case of component damage, the light source box should be sent to a professional maintenance station for overhaul. Do not replace or short-connect inconsistent components without authorization, in order to avoid greater damage.