Concept And Advantages Of Hollow Rotating Platform

- Oct 21, 2019-

What's the concept of hollow rotating platform? What's the advantage of hollow rotating platform? You may not know these questions very well. For the relevant knowledge in this field, I compiled the following content, hoping to help you. Let's see the answer together!

What is the concept of hollow rotating platform

Hollow rotating platform is a revolutionary new product. It is used in a variety of rotary sports. Set high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, high cost performance in one.

The hollow rotating platform is driven by a motor to realize automatic angle adjustment. There is no limit to the angle adjustment when finishing worm or gear transmission. Precision shafting design ensures high precision and large load; stepper motor and transmission parts are connected by imported high-quality elastic coupling to eliminate space and machining shape and position errors. The outer circle scale of the rotary table is intuitionistic; the standard interface is convenient for signal transmission; the manual handwheel configuration, electric control and manual control are available. Optional servo motor or step motor.

Hollow rotary platform

What are the advantages of hollow rotating platform

1. Direct connection can improve reliability and reduce cost

Compared with using pulley and other mechanical parts, hollow rotating platform can reduce the time and cost of mechanical design, parts deployment, belt state adjustment and other links.

2. Motor configuration

Optional stepping motor or servo motor of various brands.

3. High positioning without backlash

Without backlash, the positioning accuracy is less than or equal to 1min, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach plus or minus 5 arc seconds.

4. Large diameter hollow structure

Wiring and piping are more convenient and simple, especially in the complex wiring and piping environment.