Comparison Of Cross Rails And Linear Guides

- Mar 13, 2020-

In the upper stage products, common guide rails have two types of cross rails and Linear Guide Motorized Linear Stage , which have different functions in different occasions.

Motion Controller Suppliers say that many manufacturers will prefer to replace straight-line installations with cross-rails in terms of cost, accuracy, and installation space. So, what is the difference between these two Shanghai-displacement orbits?

1. The installation height of the cross rail is lower, and the stability of the machine is much higher than that of the linear guide;

2. The Shanghai rail of the cross rail has longer life and high rigidity. Due to its unique roller retention method, the stage manufacturer prolongs the effective contact length and at the same time gives the track a longer service life;

3. The cross-rail displacement table product has better corrosion resistance. The cross rails are often made of stainless steel and have excellent corrosion resistance.

Linear Guide Motorized Linear Stage