Characteristics Of Hollow Rotating Platform

- Dec 19, 2019-

The hollow rotary platform is a revolutionary product for a variety of rotary motion applications. Can replace DD MOTOR and cam divider. Combining high work efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, and high cost performance. It is a revolutionary product in rotary motion mechanism. Can significantly reduce costs and bring unexpected results.

It has the following characteristics:

1.Hollow structure

The turntable of the hollow electric rotating platform has a hollow structure, and the servo motor is connected to the side, which is convenient for the installation of air pipes and wires in the smelting tool.

2.High repeat positioning accuracy

The hollow rotary platform uses a single-stage helical gear deceleration method to increase the output torque. The gear accuracy level is below 5 levels. In addition, the flexible clearance adjustment mechanism controls the backlash by changing the center distance of the two gears. The return is extremely small, and the repeat positioning accuracy is below 5 arc seconds.

3.High rigidity

The turntable of the hollow rotary platform is supported by a set of precision cross roller bearings. The rollers in the bearing are staggered at 90 degrees, and the diameter of the roller is slightly larger than the size of the raceway between the inner and outer rings of the bearing. There is pre-tensioning force between the inner and outer rings and rollers, so the rotary table of the servo rotary platform supported by the bearing can withstand various moments such as radial, axial and overturning, and its rigidity is more than 10 times that of traditional bearings.

4.High rotation accuracy

After the assembly of the servo rotary platform, the cross roller bearings of the platform are used as the center of rotation, and the outer diameter and end surface of the turntable are ground again (the standard grade is fine turning) to ensure the coaxiality and parallelism of the turntable. tolerance.

5.Arbitrary motor configuration

The hollow rotary platform can flexibly change the size of the interface by means of custom flanges and input shaft holes, which is suitable for connecting any brand of servo motor and stepper motor.

The hollow rotary platform is mainly used in rotary motion occasions that require high precision and compact structure, such as numerical control indexing devices, manipulator joints, machine tool fourth processing axes, military radars, and automated production lines.