Characteristics And Advantages Of High Precision Motroized Rotation Stage

- Jan 22, 2020-

Precision electric rotary table (worm and gear)

Product features:

The stepper motor and RS232 interface are equipped as standard, and the motion controller independently developed by the company can realize automatic control

The rotating shaft system is precisely processed by multi-channel technology, with high matching accuracy, large bearing capacity and long service life

The worm gear and worm structure with precise research and matching are used for comfortable movement, which can rotate in any forward and reverse direction with minimal air return

The air return gap caused by long-term use can be adjusted by the ingenious design of the air return structure

The special structure design ensures the very low end jump and eccentricity of the rotary table, making the rotary movement more stable

The center through-hole and the rotation center of the rotary table have strict coaxiality requirements, and the center hole diameter of the rotary table has strict matching tolerance restrictions, which is convenient for customers to make precise positioning

The scale circle around the table is a laser scribed scale, which can rotate relative to the table to facilitate initial positioning and reading

The stepper motor and worm are connected by imported high-quality elastic coupling, the transmission is synchronous, the depolarization performance is good, the eccentric disturbance is greatly reduced and the noise is small.

The electric rotary table can be used either horizontally or vertically, and can be combined with other types of tables to form multi-dimensional electric adjustment table

Can add limit function, add initial zero position, change servo motor, add rotary encoder, accept product reform and customization.

* three phase stepping motor or servo motor can be replaced to increase the rotating speed and torque of the rotating table

PDV Product advantage:

Our products from the design concept, processing technology, assembly technology, all-round control. To provide users with high-quality products. Provide you with a complete set of design and processing scheme of industrial automation 4.0 until the project is successfully accepted.

We have 10 CNC machines, 8 lathes and 11 milling machines. We have a group of experienced senior processing technicians. Our products are regularly sent to the measurement institution for random inspection every year, and an inspection report is issued.

With the leading level of the industry designers, experienced assembly masters can strictly grasp the product design and processing accuracy.