Approaches To The Maintenance Of Biological Microscopes

- May 07, 2019-

1. The instrument storage and operation environment should be clean room without strong vibration, light radiation, corrosive liquid gas and suitable temperature.

2. After the use of biomicroscopy, the instrument dust-proof cover or glass cover should be used to avoid dust.

3. The objective should be stored in the objective box, or the unloaded objects and eyeglasses should be put into the drying cylinder.

4. If there is dirt on the surface of lens, it can be wiped with clean degreased cotton or special mirror paper and a little xylene or mixed liquid. Alcohol should not be used. Otherwise, the adhesive of lens will be dissolved. Mixed liquid wipe, do not use alcohol, otherwise, the lens cementing agent will be dissolved.

5. After long-term use of the instrument, attention should be paid to adding some grease in each transport part. It is appropriate to use the grease with proper viscosity and avoid acidity.

6. The structure of biomicroscopy is precise, so it is not suitable for users to disassemble it. If it fails, it can be repaired by our factory or purchasing unit.