Applications And Performance Indicators Of Optical Platform

- Oct 08, 2019-

The optical platform is an experimental instrument, which is used for experiment. Its mesa is smooth, and the surface of the table is covered with square engineering threaded holes. These holes can fix many optical elements. It also has many kinds, such as earthquake protection, isolation and so on. Below is a brief introduction to the application of optical platform and its performance indicators!

What is the application field of optical platform?

Optical platform is a common optical platform, which is widely used in optical experiments and other fields. Connected high rigidity bracket is used to make the installation very simple. The surface of the platform with array threaded holes is integrated with precise rubber damping isolation and horizontal adjusting bearings, which has good isolation effect.

Optical Table

The table is made of stainless steel superconducting magnetic vibration isolation plate, which has the advantages of light weight, high stiffness and high damping. After precise grinding, the surface flatness is high. Rotary polishing process to remove the edge, to achieve no reflection, Matt effect.


Optical experiment, optical communication, spectral experiment, laser interference,

Holographic applications, laser microfabrication, precision measuring instruments, etc.

What are the performance indicators of optical platforms?