Application Of Video Microscope In Circuit Board Detection

- Mar 31, 2020-

With the requirements of the state for on-site office work and on-site law enforcement, the law enforcement department needs to collect data on the site of * and more professional and quick data collection equipment. Previously, in these law enforcement sites, the simple Zui and Zui should be magnifier, while the large-scale equipment is always the work completed by the technology department in the laboratory, so there is a certain lag in time. Therefore, it's important to note that High work efficiency of law enforcement department, simple observation of magnifying glass can not form Qu card of * time, while portable microscope instead of magnifying glass can collect details on site, and take real-time micrographs and videos, which can form a preliminary conclusion, provide direction for future Qu card, which is a breakthrough development of law enforcement on site.

The hand-held wireless video microscope can quickly and simply identify the authenticity of calligraphy and painting relics. For example, if the hand painting is printed with high imitation, the ink drawn under the microscope will naturally integrate with the rice paper, and the ink seen under the microscope will be delicate and soft. The longer the calligraphy and painting, the more natural its penetration and soft feeling will be.

Thus, compared with the anti-counterfeiting identification of printing, the portable microscope has been successfully applied to the identification of authenticity of certificates, anti-counterfeiting identification of tobacco packaging, identification of thermal insulation materials, identification of automotive coatings, on-site inspection of traffic patterns, on-site data collection of fire fighting and other on-site office and mobile law enforcement.

Compared with antiques, ceramics and other cultural relics, due to the diversity and irregularity of their appearance, on the one hand, the microscope is required to have a good focusing design, so as to adapt to the focusing observation of irregular surfaces; on the other hand, it needs a relatively large magnification; on the other hand, due to the current hot upgrading of cultural relics exchange and auction transactions, it needs on-site observation and identification, so the microscope is required to be portable Microscopical observation is carried out everywhere at any time, which breaks away from the clumsiness of the traditional desk microscope.

The video microscope, which is widely used in the market now, enables the observer to break through the limitation of time and space, realize "on-site observation and multi person discussion", and never be bound by the wire. It can be flexibly applied to multiple spaces and make the traditional microscopic phase look inferior. It can solve the new needs of on-site identification and mobile identification.

Portable wireless video microscope is very important in circuit board detection. Whether it is used to observe the defects of circuit board protective layer tin plating or to observe the drilling process, because of its portable design, portable wireless video microscope can realize spot check at any time on the factory assembly line, sudden check before leaving the factory, real-time check at the negotiation site, etc The value of the application can realize the real-time observation of many people in the factory and synchronous communication and discussion.