Application Of High Precision Electric Rotary Table

- Mar 24, 2020-

high precision rotary table is a revolutionary new product. It is used in a variety of rotary sports. It is characterized by high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity and high cost performance. It is driven by electric power to realize the automation of angle adjustment. So about the application of high-precision rotary table and the related problems of several common rotary mechanisms, let's explain.

What are the applications of high precision rotary table

  1. Rotating table in production line automation transformation;

  2. A rotating chuck in a laser marking or engraving machine;

  3.  The rotation axis in the precise alignment mechanism;

  4. Light load manipulator joint;

  5. High precision gear direct drive;

  6.  High precision, high torque, high rigidity, easy to use, with high performance closed-loop stepping motor.