Application Methods And Steps Of Biomicroscopy

- Jun 05, 2019-

I. Mirror removal and placement

1. Hold the mirror arm in your right hand and the mirror seat in your left hand.

2. Place the microscope on the test bench, slightly left (about 7 centimeters from the edge of the test bench). Install eyeglasses and objective lenses.

Two. Light.

3. Turn the converter so that the low power objective is aligned with the through hole (the front end of the objective should be 2 centimeters away from the carrier).

4. Align a larger aperture to the aperture. The left eye is fixed in the eyepiece (the right eye is open for drawing at the same time in the future). Rotate the reflector so that the light can be reflected into the barrel through the through hole. Through the eyepiece, you can see a bright white field of vision.

Three. Observe

5. The slide specimens to be observed (also made of thin paper with the word "6" printed) are placed on the carrier table and pressed with a pressing clamp. The specimens should be directly opposite the center of the aperture.

6. Rotate the coarse focusing helix to make the barrel drop slowly until the objective is close to the slide specimen (eyes look at the objective to avoid the lens touching the slide specimen).

7. The left eye looks inside the eyepiece and rotates the coarse focusing helix in the opposite direction so that the barrel rises slowly until the image is clearly seen. Rotate the fine focusing helix slightly to make the image more clear.

8. Use of high-power objective: Before using high-power objective, we must first use low-power objective to find the observed object, and adjust it to the center of the field of vision, then rotate the converter and change the high-power lens. When the high power mirror is used, the brightness in the field of vision becomes dimmer. Therefore, the larger aperture and the concave surface of the reflector are usually used, and then the fine focusing helix is adjusted. The number of objects watched decreases, but the volume increases.

Four, finishing

9. After the experiment, wipe the surface of the microscope clean. Rotate the converter, deflect the two objective lenses to both sides, and slowly drop the barrel to the lowest point, and place the reflector vertically. Finally, put the microscope in the mirror box and send it back to its original place.