Application And Installation Of Optical Platform

- Dec 25, 2020-

Because the optical instrument platform is mainly used for precision calculation and measurement, we should pay special attention to the stability when disassembling. In order to improve the stability of the system, we can start from the following aspects.

1、 Isolate the system from the vibration source

There are many sources of external vibration, such as ground vibration, various sounds and so on. But the biggest influence is the various low-frequency vibration sources, mainly concentrated in the frequency range of 10 ~ 100Hz.

2、 The role of vibration control

Assembling the system into a dynamic rigid structure can ensure the relative stability of the system, reduce the probability of resonance under the influence of the outside, and improve the stability of the system.

3、 Function of controlling static moment

The ratio of hard to heavy of the optical platform has an important influence on its resonance frequency. A higher ratio of hard to heavy can increase the resonance frequency of the platform, thus reducing its vibration under external influence.

4、 Control temperature change

As time goes on, irregular temperature changes will cause gradual structural bending. The key to reduce the temperature effect is to control the environment and reduce the temperature change.

5、 As far as possible, the table should be designed to be temperature insensitive

Good thermal conductivity can play a role, however, in extremely special applications, it is necessary to select special materials that do not change their dimensions with temperature.

Use of basic optical instruments

Do not use acidic liquid to clean the surface of the optical platform. Please do not place the product at high temperature, humidity and high strength vibration source, and do not wash the product with water.

If the product is in a state for a long time, please use the level meter to adjust the level of the table. Any equipment or tools on the table must be handled with care, and relative friction should be avoided as far as possible, so as to avoid damaging the table and reduce the accuracy of use.