An Introduction To The Working Principle And Function Of The Rotary Table

- Apr 17, 2020-

Rotary table is also a kind of common equipment in factories and other working places. Do you know its working principle and function? Please look down:

Working principle of rotary table:

(1) A machine tool accessory with a rotatable table, which is used to clamp the workpiece and realize rotation and indexing positioning, is referred to as the turntable or the fourth axis for short.

(2) Turntable can be divided into general turntable and precision turntable according to different functions.

2. Rotary table is an important accessory of boring machine, drilling machine, milling machine and slotting machine, which is used to process holes, grooves and bevels with indexing requirements. When the table is rotated during processing, the circular arc surface and circular arc groove can be processed.

3. According to different structure, the rotary table is divided into horizontal turntable, vertical horizontal turntable and turntable.

(1) Horizontal rotary table: the rotary surface is installed parallel to the bottom surface, and there are center holes for workpiece positioning and T-grooves for clamping on the circular table. Generally, the bottom surface has the structure of positioning block and mounting bolt. The outer circumference of the table will be engraved with a 360 ° bisector.

(2) Vertical and horizontal turntable: the base has two mutually vertical installation base surfaces, so that the platform can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

(3) Turntable: the table can be tilted at any angle within the range of 0 ° ~ 90 °, so that any angle of the workpiece in the space can be adjusted accurately

Function of rotary table

1. It can quickly and accurately transport the ladle full of molten steel to the pouring position, and support the ladle during the pouring process;

2. The ladle can be replaced quickly to meet the needs of continuous casting of multiple furnaces; in case of accident or power failure, the ladle can be moved to a safe position quickly;

3. It can realize the protection pouring, and the pouring is more smooth by installing the liquid steel weighing device;

4. The area occupied by the casting platform is small, which is conducive to the casting operation.

In practice:

1. One is the working position and the other is the standby position. When the ladle is poured, it rotates out and another ladle reaches the working position. But the cost of investment is high.

2. In the application of LF, one side of the working position adjusts the alloy and temperature of the molten steel, the other side of the standby position can be soft blown or loaded.

In a word: as ladle turret is widely used in continuous casting production, its structural reliability, safety and manufacturing rationality and economy have become the concerns of many domestic design units.