Adjustment Method And Function Of Electric Rotating Table Of NC Indexing Disk

- Oct 12, 2019-

The indexing plate is also called the cam indexing device and the cam indexing box. It is the most reliable, stable and fine transmission structure in the world. Then, how to adjust the non-uniform indexing of CNC indexing dial? What is its function? These problems may not be well understood by all of you. I hope the following small edition can help you to sort out the content!

The alignment clearance between the indexing head worm and the worm wheel should be adjusted properly. Too tight will easily cause the worm wheel to wear out, and too loose will reduce the indexing accuracy.

Manual Rotation Stage

In order to keep the indexing head clean, the installation bottom and spindle taper holes and the milling machine table should be wiped clean before use. When storing, the exposed metal surface should be coated with oil and rust-proof.

What is the function of the dial?

1. Intermittent conveying in circumferential direction.

2. Intermittent conveying in straight line direction.

3. Swing drive manipulator.

4. Achieve precise segmentation.

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