X-axis Displacement Station,Electric translation platform

Travel Range:30mm Platform:60x70mm
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X-axis Displacement Station,Electric translation platform Specification

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X-axis Displacement Station,Electric translation platform Product Detail

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Precision electric translation platform (cross roller) : pp110-30H.

Model features:

1 With the step motor and RS232 interface, our ZK series motion controller can realize automatic control.

2 The product structure is small and light, suitable for light load, low speed and scientific test.

3 High quality precision grinding screw drive, small lead, the same fine fraction can achieve high resolution.

4 The design of the design of the smart blanking back nut can minimize the clearance of the grinding screw.

5 The guide rail adopts cross roller guide, which is comfortable, and has the function of adjusting the pretension force and the clearance of the guide rail, and can use the two dimensional combination in the multi-dimensional combination.

6 It greatly reduces the pitch and deflection of the electric displacement platform, and makes the straightness of the motion more and more improved.

7 The stepper motor and the grinding wire rod are connected by the imported high quality elastic coupling, the transmission is synchronous, the depolarization performance is good, the eccentric disturbance is greatly reduced and the noise is small.

8 The two ends are equipped with zero and limit switches, convenient and accurate positioning and protection of products, equipped with handwheel, convenient for debugging.

9 There is a screw hole with standard hole spacing in the base, easy to install and fix.

10 It can change the servo motor, the grating ruler, and accept the product modification and customization.

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