Motorized Linear Stage Travel xy stage table Range: 15mm

High precision electric translation table travel 15mm, table size 65mm, factory direct sales, quality assurance
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Motorized Linear Stage Travel xy stage table Range: 15mm Specifications

High Precision Motorized Linear Stages:PP110-15

◆   Item Number: PP110-15

◆   Travel range: 15mm

◆   Platform: 65mm×65mm

◆   Bearing Construction:Grinding Lead Screw(1mm of leading)

◆   Travel Guide: Crossed Roller Bearing

◆   Stepper Motor(1.8°): 28 stepper motor- SHINANO

◆   Material: Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized

◆   Load Capacity: 5kgs

◆   Weight: 0.93kgs

Accuracy Specifications

◆   Design Resolution: 5μ/Pulse (Non-MS Driver)

◆   Max Velocity: 5mm/sec

◆   Bi-directional: 2μm

◆   Absolute Accuracy: 10μm

◆   Straightness: 5μ

◆   Parallelization: 20μm

◆   Pitching: 30”

◆   Yawing: 25″

◆   Backlash: 2μm

◆   Lost Motion: 2μm


Motorized Linear Stage Travel xy stage table Range: 15mm Product Detail

Motorized Linear Stage Travel xy stage table Range: 15mm ADVANTAGE:

We have Processing equipment: CNC 10 sets, Lathe 8 sets, milling machine 11 sets. We have a group of experienced high-level processing technicians. Our products are sent to the Metrology Institute for random inspection every year regularly and issue inspection report.

Have the industry leading level of the designer, can strictly grasp the product design and processing precision.

We have experienced and skilled assembly master.

Our products from the design concept, the processing technology, the assembly technology omni-directional control.Provide high quality products for users.

If our standard products do not meet your requirements, we can customize them according to your requirements.

Our services

Based on many years of practical experience, we will be in accordance with the specific needs of customers, integrate into our design philosophy, to provide customers with acomprehensive system solutions.

We will use our long-term product and application experience, to provide customers with the fastest, most professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

As the manufacturer of this category of products, based on our strong technical support and production capacity, we are committed to providing one-stop service to customers, to provide customers with a comprehensive solution.

common problem

We mainly produce optical instruments and equipment such as optical path construction. A large number of products are exported to foreign countries, and the product quality is guaranteed. All products are shipped from Beijing company and sent by sea from Tianjin port. The products can be purchased from one piece. For customers with special requirements of product attributes, we can support customization and product packaging is complete. We will deliver the goods to you as soon as possible after customers place an order.

If you have any product related problems, you can contact us at any time. Our customer service personnel will handle the problems for you at the first time and look forward to cooperating with you!

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