High Precision Stepping Motor Motion Controller

KZ-100 Motion controller Product Description Programming Instructions of step motor controller (P004) 1. Motor controller and computer communication using RS232 interface; 2. RS232 interface protocol: 57600 baud rate, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit; 3. Each byte transfer method: The computer...
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KZ-100 Motion controller

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Product Description

Programming Instructions of step motor controller


1. Motor controller and computer communication using RS232 interface;

2. RS232 interface protocol: 57600 baud rate, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop


3. Each byte transfer method: The computer sends 1 byte, then wait the

motor controller to send back 0Dh(13) to computer to insure the motor

controller has received the byte, Each instruction is consisted of 4 bytes.

4. Send synchronization instruction “55h, 55h, AAh, 55h” before sending

controlling instruction.

5.Instructions:Each instruction is consisted of 4 bytes, as following:

1st byte

2nd byte

3rd  byte

4th  byte



00h-X speed
01h-Y speed

High 8bits of speed

Low 8bits  of   speed

Set X、 Y  speed, value between-512 and  +511,16bits signed number.





The controller uploads the display   values of X, Yposition。The uploaded dataformat is described  afterthis table.


High 8bits of the number of microsteps of X.

Middle 8bits of the number of microsteps of X.

Low 8bits of the number of Microsteps of X.

Set number of microsteps of X. value between -2²³+1 and 2²³,  24bits signed number, 1 microstep=1/12800round。


00h-X and Y motor “idle” 20h - only Y motor “idle”  40h - only X motor “normal” 60h-X and Y motor“normal”



Set X、Y motor to idle or normal state。Motor is free to rotate manually


High 8bits of the number of microsteps of Y.

Middle 8bits of the number of microsteps of Y.

Low 8bits of the number of
Microsteps of Y.

Set number of microsteps of X. value between -223+1 and 223, 24bits signed number, 1 microstep=1/12800round

h: Hexadecimal

××h:Can be any value of 8 bits,but can not be omitted。

The uploaded data format: The motor controller send 36 bytes to


1st byte is position information:

if :

bit0=0, X reached minimum;

bit0=1, X not reached minimum;

bit1=0, X reached maximum;

bit1=1, X not reached maximum;

bit2=0, Y reached minimum;

bit2=1, not reached minimum;

bit3=0, reached maximum;

bit3=1, not reached maximum;

bit4~bit7,not used;

2nd~9th byte:ASCII value of X position,if X= 4356278,then:


10th~17th byte:ASCII value of Y position,if Y=-5789123,then:


18th~36th byte:Not used.

PDV Controller.exe software panel using manual

1 run: PDV Controller.exe, get the following display:

27 电动控制器2420.jpg

2. Motor: The software can control 4 motors, but P004 version only need

control X and Y motor. Thus, the set X,Y is enough.

3. Speed: Use the mouse to drag the corresponding slider, the motor will

rotation; Drag to right, motor runs forward; Left drag motor reverses;

Farther from the middle point, the faster the motor runs. Release the

mouse, the slider automatically return to the middle point, the motor


4. Shift Distance: Moving distance of the motor, Using with“Scale”, their

product is the number of micro steps for a motor (1 microstep =

1/12800round). After the completion of the two settings click “Go”


5. Scale: Scale coefficients, It can use to convert a distance/angle to

number of micro steps.

For example: if you need the stage to move 25mm, the stage uses the

motor to rotate the screw rod drive, screw thread pitch 2mm, the " Shift

Distance " is set to 25, "Scale" is set to 6400;

“25” means 25mm; “6400” means “6400 microsteps/mm”; because the

stage movement of every 1mm, the screw rod to rotate 1mm / (2mm/

circle) = 0.5 round, motor runs a half circle x 12800 micro steps / circle =

6400 micro steps.

6. Status: show the relative position of the motor, check the " update", It

will update continuously to show the latest value, otherwise will not

update. The value is number of microsteps.

7.Communication Port: RS232 serial port used to communicate with the


8. Save: save the set data.

9.Recall: recall the stored data.

10. Exit: exit the software panel.


PT-KZ02 Motion controller (power supply, chips, control card, keypad, display) 4 axis

Product Description

Motion controller: PT - KZ02

Software industry face

27 电动控制器4087.jpg

Product features:

Does can control four axis stepper motor or servo motor.

Does motion control through the operation panel.

Does in the operation panel of rotating pulse equivalent, running speed and distance, set parameters such as signal level, reverse clearance.

Does movement external rocker for operation, through the position of the rocker operation data can be synchronized to the display and software.

Does have a general I/O interface, 8 four input, output, software available through the I/O interface to control the peripheral equipment.

Does the LCD display.

Does can through the USB interface using a machine software to set the related parameters and control related equipment movement.

Does but with four axis, XY axis circular arc interpolation.

Does by motion control software to realize the movement of the procedures section, movement can be set pause between sentences.

Does the axis of related parameters on the software for setting and can save Settings related to the software and the board.

Does have corresponding function library, convenient for users to develop their own motion control software.




Motion controller: PT - KZ02

A one-dimensional step, rocker

Motion controller: PT - KZ02

2 d step, rocker27 电动控制器5370.jpg

Motion controller: PT - KZ02

3 d step, rocker

Motion controller: PT - KZ02

4 d step, without rocker

Motion controller: PT - KZ021

A one-dimensional step, a rocker arm

Motion controller: PT - KZ021

2 d step, a rocker arm

Motion controller: PT - KZ021

3 d step, a rocker arm

Motion controller: PT - KZ021

4 d step, a rocker arm


PT-MPC08 Motion controller (control card, meanwell power, circuit board, data wire, chips) 4 axis27 电动控制器5782.jpg

Product Description

Motion controller: PT - MPC08

Product features: 


Functional features MPC08 control card


MPC08 control card based on PCI bus of PC stepper motor or digital servo motor power control unit, it with PC into a master-slave control structure: PC are responsible for the management of the human-computer interaction interface and the control system of real-time monitoring, etc (such as management, system status display of the keyboard and mouse, send control instructions, external signal monitoring, etc.); MPC08 card to complete all the details of the motion control (including the output of the pulse and direction signals, automatic lifting speed of signal processing, the origin and limit of detection, etc.).


Each MPC08 CARDS can control 4 axis stepper motor or digital servo motor; Each shaft can output pulse and direction signals, to control the operation of the motor; At the same time, it can be an external origin, deceleration, such as limit switch signal, to achieve the return to the origin, protection, and other functions, the switch signals by MPC08 card automatic detection and response.


MPC08 card using advanced control chip, has trapezoidal speed curve, the highest output frequency of 4.0 MHz, with 4 road a differential digital encoder feedback port, is suitable for the digital ac servo system or closed-loop stepper motor control system.


MPC08 equipped with a powerful, rich in content of Windows driver, DLL function library, and the sample program. MPC08 in the execution efficiency of interpolation algorithm and the motion function has adopted a more effective method, improved the precision of interpolation, the interpolation speed and real-time performance. Using MPC08 sample program can quickly familiar with MPC08 control card software and hardware function, and can be convenient and quick test execution motor and drive system upon completion of the performance characteristics of various kinds of sports.


For the convenience of users, we summed up the demand for the function of the controller in the industry, develop the industry of common software. The user can also according to their own needs to develop their own control software. Users as long as the use of vc + +, or visual basic support 32-bit Windows standard dynamic link library (DLL) call development tools required for the user interface program, the library link and put it with MPC08 movement, can develop their own control systems, such as: CNC system, detection equipment, automatic production line, etc. MPC08 movement function library can complete the complicated details related to the motion control (such as: speed, linear interpolation, etc.), so that it can greatly shorten the development cycle of the control system.


The functions and features of common software

The application software is based on general control card MPC08, MPC2810 developed, the software can be universal in the two kinds of control card (controlled by software of the control card), at the same time can be used to share more of the same type card card. The function of the software are:


(1) applies to MPC08, MPC2810 general control card.

(2) the user can enter multiple sports instruction (software defined the multiple step motion), each instruction velocity parameters can be set separately.

(3) in the sports programming unit, a pulse number P, mm mm, um um, ° Angle, a shaft programming unit once established, all movement of the shaft in the units.

(4) if a shaft equipment with position feedback device, so in the process of movement, validation functions can be set at the end of the shaft position.

(5) in the back to zero, after find zero, reverse go a certain distance to stop movement axis, then the encoder with

Instructions are zero position.

(6) with the I/O functions. The input point will be through software level change, can from dots control other devices (such as solenoid valves, relays, etc.).

(7) can be used to share more of the same kind of control card card.

(8) using a configuration file save Settings.

(9) on the important parameters of modified warning language tips.


Fixed display (10) 1, 2, 1 card axis trajectory.

(11) on the part of the control button to add a shortcut button, can operate with Ctrl + letters.

(12) after the speed parameters of scope, a warning message, with the method of dialog prompt.

(13) with functions of real-time compensation (only after the start step motion and step more exercise effective)

General software interface

General software main interface

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