Motorized Goniometer Stage, Electric Goniometer Platform, Rotation Range: +/- 45 Degree

Item Number: PT-GD303, Rotation Range: ±45°

Product Details

Structure Specifications

  Item Number: PT-GD303

   Rotation Range: ±45°

   Platform: 80mm × 80mm

   Drive Mechanism: Worm Gear

   Travel Guide: Crossed Roller Bearing

   Worm Gear Ratio: 352 : 1

   Height of Rotation Stage: 50 mm±0.2 mm

   Stepper Motor (1.8°): 42BYG - Stepping  Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle

   Material – Finish: Aluminum Alloy -Anodized

   Load Capacity: 10Kg

   Weight: 1.5kg


Accuracy Specifications

   Design Resolution: ≈0.005°≈18″(Non-MS Driver); ≈1″(20MS Drive)

   Rotation Center Deflection Accuracy: 0.03 mm

   Max Velocity: 7°/sec

   Repeatability: ±3”

   Absolute Accuracy: ±8”

   Backlash: ±3”

   Lost Motion: 3″



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