Kowa Lens Obejctive Microscope Objective Lens LM12JC10M

Kowa Lens Obejctive Microscope Objective Lens LM12JC10M

The 2/3" 10 megapixel JC10M lens series provides 200lp/mm resolution and low distortion in order to maximize performance for high-end applications. Incorporating Kowa's broadband coating and floating mechanism design, the JC10M lens series greatly reduces chromatic aberration at any distance and maintain a high transmission from visible to NIR.
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Format: 2/3" 

Focal Length: 12mm 

Aperture: F1.8 

Iris Type:Manual Iris Mount: C-Mount Lens Additional Information 10-Megapixel Rated, -0.12% Distortion, 200 lp/mm Resolution, Broadband Coating (400-900nm). 

Main Sensor size 2/3″

Focal length (mm) 12.0

Iris range (F-stop) 1.80 - 11 

Focusing range (m) 0.10 - ∞ 

Iris Control Manual Focus Control Manual Shooting range at MOD (m) h: 80.70 / v: 60.20 Resolution 200.00 lp/mm (center) 160.00 lp/mm (corner) 2.50 µm (pixel-size) 

Distortion (TV) -0.12% 

Back focus in air (mm) 13.90 Filter size (mm) M25.5 × P0.5 Size ⌀27 × 53.5 mm Mount C-mount Weight 105 g Temperature range (℃) -10℃ - +50℃ 

Angle of view Sensor size horizontal vertical 1/3 inch 21.90° 16.50° 1/2 inch 28.90° 21.90° 2/3 inch 39.10° 29.80°

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