Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM6NCL

Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM6NCL

With metal bodies and locking screws, the 1/2" NCL series can be used in a variety of machine vision and robotics applications. These lenses are available for 1/2 inch format cameras.

Product Details

Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM6NCLKowa Lens

    Format: 1/2" 

    Focal Length:6mm 

    Aperture: F1.4 

    Iris Type:Manual Iris Mount: C-Mount Additional Information FA Industrial Type, Locking Screws (Focus and Iris). 

    Recommended for cameras up to 1.5 megapixel resolution. 

    Focal Length (mm) 6 

    Lens Type Fixed 

    Image Size (mm) 1/2" (Φ8) 

    Iris Range (F-stop) F1.4 ~ F16

     Focusing Range (m) 0.2 ~ ∞ 

    Iris Control Manual Focus Control Manual Shooting Range at M.O.D. (mm) 174(H) x 128(V) Angle of View 2/3" (°) - Angle of View 1/2" (°) 57.3 x 44.0 Angle of View 1/3" (°) 44.2 x 33.7 Horizontal 

    Angle of View (°) 57.3° Vertical 

    Angle of View (°) 44.0° Diagonal 

    Angle of View (°) 69.4° Horizontal Shooting Range at M.O.D. (mm) 174 Vertical Shooting Range at M.O.D. (mm) 128 Diagonal Shooting Range at M.O.D (mm) 221 Resolution (Center, Corner) 100lp/mm, 60lp/mm 

    TV Distortion (%) -1.0 

    Back Focus in Air (mm) 9.46 Mount C-mount Filter Thread Size (mm) M25.5 x P0.5 

    Minimum Focus Distance (m) 0.2 

    Flange Back in Air (mm) 17.526 

    Front/Rear Effective DIA (mm) Φ16.2, Φ8.7 Exit Pupil (mm) -77.3 Size (mm) Φ31 x 34 

    Weight (g) 60 T

    emperature Range (°C) -10 ~ +50

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