Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM50JC10M

Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM50JC10M

The 2/3" 10 megapixel JC10M lens series provides 200lp/mm resolution and low distortion in order to maximize performance for high-end applications. Incorporating Kowa's broadband coating and floating mechanism design, the JC10M lens series greatly reduces chromatic aberration at any distance and maintain a high transmission from visible to NIR.
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Focal Length: 50mm 

Aperture: F2.8 

Iris Type:Manual 

Iris Mount: C-Mount Lens 

Additional Information 10-Megapixel Rated, -0.02% Distortion, 200 lp/mm Resolution, Broadband Coating (400-900nm). 

Focal Length (mm) 50 

Back Focus in Air (mm) 12.8 

Mount C-mount Filter Thread Size (mm) M30.5 x P0.5 

Minimum Focus Distance (m) 0.1 

Flange Back in Air (mm) 17.526 

Front/Rear Effective DIA (mm) Φ25.0, Φ12.5 Exit Pupil (mm) -70.9 Size (mm) Φ38 x 77 

Weight (g) 170 

Temperature Range (°C) -10 ~ +50

Types of lenses

Lenses are classified by the curvature of the two optical surfaces. A lens is biconvex (or double convex, or just convex) if both surfaces are convex. If both surfaces have the same radius of curvature, the lens is equiconvex. A lens with two concave surfaces is biconcave (or just concave). If one of the surfaces is flat, the lens is plano-convex or plano-concave depending on the curvature of the other surface. A lens with one convex and one concave side is convex-concave or meniscus. It is this type of lens that is most commonly used in corrective lenses.

 If the lens is biconvex or plano-convex, a collimated beam of light passing through the lens converges to a spot (a focus) behind the lens. In this case, the lens is called a positive or converging lens. The distance from the lens to the spot is the focal length of the lens, which is commonly abbreviated f in diagrams and equations

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