Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM50HC-SW

Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM50HC-SW

Incorporating Kowa's special coating technology, the 1" format HC-SW series maintains high transmission from 800nm to 2000nm. These lenses are designed for NIR and Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) applications.
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Product Details


Advantages of product

   1" 50mm F1.4 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, SWIR Type
   Megapixel Rated
   SWIR Type Lens for 800-2000nm Wavelengths

Product information 

Format: 1" 

Focal Length: 50mm 

Aperture: F1.4 

Iris Type:Manual 

Iris Mount: C-Mount Lens

 Additional Information SWIR Type (800-2000nm),

 Designed for Near Infrared (NIR) and Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) Applications, Megapixel Rated.