Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM35JCM

Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM35JCM

The 2/3" megapixel JCM lens series provides extremely high megapixel resolution and utilizes Kowa's floating mechanism design. With a close minimum object distance, low distortion, and compact design, these lenses are ideal for machine vision applications.
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Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM35JCMKowa Lens

Product Name: kowa lens microscope objective lens LM35JCM

PDV has many different motorized linear translation stage including motorized translation stage, motorized linear stage, High Precision Motorized Goniometer Stages High Precision Motorized XY Stages、 High quality China Motorized Linear Stage. They can be any combination, building block structure, can satisfy any scene usage requirement.

It is used for the fixation and adjustment of objective lens and lens.Meet the requirements of your experimental scenario.