Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM100JC

Kowa Lens Microscope Objective Lens LM100JC

The 2/3" JC lens series has a longstanding tradition of providing support to a wide range of vision systems. These lenses have low excellent resolution, and with a focal lengths ranging from 6mm to 100mm, the JC lenses can be used in a wide variety of applications.
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Information of the Electron lenses

Electron lenses are designed to act in a manner emulating that of an optical lens, by focusing parallel electrons at some constant focal distance. Electron lenses may operate electrostatically or magnetically. 

The majority of electron lenses for TEM use electromagnetic coils to generate a convex lens. 

The field produced for the lens must be radially symmetrical, as deviation from the radial symmetry of the magnetic lens causes aberrations such as astigmatism, and worsens spherical and chromatic aberration. 

Electron lenses are manufactured from iron, iron-cobalt or nickel cobalt alloys, such as permalloy. These are selected for their magnetic properties, such as magnetic saturation, hysteresis and permeability.