Why is the manual displacement platform characterized by long life and high rigidity?

- Jul 10, 2017-

installation of manual displacement platform

A set of manual displacement platform contains: Four after the special heat treatment of the special-purpose v-type guide, two of the precision rollers are grouped together in the cross roller cage. It is highly rigid, high-precision, small-scale linear motion system, it is widely used in the OA machine and its surrounding machines, various measuring devices, printing substrates, such as the opening of precision machines, or optical tester, optical worktable, control mechanism, X-ray device, such as the slider part.

The manual displacement platform is used to combine the cross roller cage with the 90°v Groove rolling surface set on the special track. The 2-row roller guides are assembled in parallel to withstand the load in all directions perpendicular to the shaft. Moreover, because it can simply exert preload, it can obtain a sliding seat mechanism with high rigidity and brisk motion.

Long life and high rigidity of manual displacement platform

With the unique roller retention method, the effective contact length of the rollers is increased by 1 compared with the previous products. 7 times times, and the pitch spacing of the rollers is shortened, the number of rollers is more, the rigidity is increased twice times, and the life expectancy of 6 times times can be obtained. Therefore, for the linear motion part of the vibration, impact problems, can be fully considered safe design.

Smooth motion of the manual displacement Platform

In the manual displacement platform, each roller is separated from the cage, because the roller bag in the cage is in contact with the roller, has good lubricating oil retention, so no wear, friction small, so as to obtain smooth rolling motion.

Excellent corrosion resistance of manual displacement Platform

Cross roller guides are stainless steel products with excellent corrosion resistance.

Manual displacement platform easy to install

The company produced manual displacement platform installation hole There are two kinds: threaded hole and through hole, so the guide rail has two fixing methods, one is through the threaded hole to install the platform on the machine; Therefore, it is not limited by the installation structure, because the internal two-track platform forms the integrated structure of the platform. The installation structure is very simple, because the installation parts and the high precision of linear motion, will not produce machining errors.