What Should Pay Attention To When Installing The Electric Rotary Table?

- Feb 19, 2020-

The Motorized Rotation Stage is fast, agile and precise. It is widely used in scientific research and laser or inspection instruments. Due to the automatic operation configuration, in order to ensure more precise operation, the easy-to-use electric displacement platform should pay attention to the installation. In a non-polluting and non-radiative or sterile environment, it is also necessary to install in accordance with the Precise Electric Translating Platform Supplier standard specifications and pay attention to the following installation items:

No. 1: The bottom bracket is fixed

In order to ensure that the electric displacement platform can be more precise and fast in use, the two fixed screw holes or mounting brackets at the bottom should be fixed during installation, and the installation space should be installed according to different use space and machine installation space to ensure energy. More stable inspection operations.

2nd: Pay attention to the angle of the traction rope when installing

When installing the electric displacement platform, pay attention to the trouble of pulling the wire from the outlet to the part of the R&F city. Since the traction rope itself is made of stainless steel and coated with fluorine layer, do not let it be subjected to external force, and try to maintain the angular deviation during installation. The minimum is to ensure the life of the cable, and it can freely and flexibly pull the upper and lower angles.

No. 3: For pulleys that are not linear, add pulleys.

If the electric displacement platform is not linearly moving during installation, it should be properly operated with the pulleys in order to better protect the platform from being affected during use. If it is used in some special or harsh environments, It is necessary to install various protection mechanisms on the electric displacement platform to improve the service life of the platform.

In summary, it can be seen that the electric displacement platform needs to pay attention to the installation according to different environments and the standards used in the installation, in order to better display the function of the platform and greatly protect the configuration without being damaged. The practical electric displacement platform can have a longer service life, in addition to more careful maintenance during use, it also needs to be properly installed, and also need to pay attention to the corresponding protection measures in different environments to ensure the safety of the platform.