What should be paid attention to when installing the electric stage?

- Oct 16, 2019-

The series of displacement stages are mainly used to adjust the six spatial degrees of freedom such as translation and rotation of objects. Our company is an optic illuminator manufacturer specializing in the production of displacement table series products including translation table, lifting table, rotary table, tilting table, angle table, electronically controlled translation table, electric rotary table, etc., according to the size, stroke, Rotation angle, guide rail form, drive mode, etc. are divided into various series, and can be combined in any combination, which can meet your needs for space size, bearing size, adjustable degree of freedom, manual automatic, etc. You can freely choose according to your needs.

When using the linear stages, you first need to determine whether you need manual adjustment or motor control, and then determine the displacement stroke, load size, displacement accuracy, resolution, desired size, and whether it is quantitative. In general, the manual linear stage is small in size, but the stroke is small, the load is light, and the price is cheap. Especially when there is no need for quantitative adjustment, the fine screw with a pitch of 0.25 mm is used for adjustment, and the cost is lower.

The motor-controlled motorized linear stage (electrically controlled displacement stage) can achieve sub-micron resolution because of circuit subdivision, and can also be controlled by computer to achieve automation. The electric translation stage adopts ball screw drive, and the linear bearing or linear slide can be used as the guide rail, so the stroke can be very large, up to 1 meter, the load can be up to 50kg (slow speed can also be improved), and the precision can also reach micron. Level, but the price is expensive.

Motorized linear stage is widely used in scientific research, laser application, automatic measurement and testing instruments, industrial automation and other fields. As well as the realization of displacement control in vacuum, pollution, asepsis, radiation and other environments, what should we pay attention to when using the motorized linear stage?


1. Use the bottom two fixing screw holes or mounting brackets, directly or add protection or other mechanical use according to the needs of the site and the installation space of the machine.

2. Pay attention to the angle of the traction rope at the time of installation. That is, the mechanism of the traction rope from the outlet to the moving part should be linearly slid during operation, and the angle deviation should be kept as small as possible to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the cable. For long-stroke vertical installation, it is recommended that the drawstring body be mounted on the lower part and the traction rope to be pulled upwards.

3, the traction rope itself is stainless steel plus fluorine layer, do not let it be subjected to external forces, but burned, cut, impact: excessive accumulation of dust, dust or enough to damage the ropes stored in the internal pulley or The outlet will cause the cable to be damaged, resulting in a malfunction.

4. It is not installed in the front of the fixed seat or the workbench. It is forbidden to pull the steel cable by hand or other products and let it bounce back in time. This will cause the cable to break, hurting the body structure and personal safety.

5. If it is used in a mechanism that is not linear, please install the appropriate pulley to move the beam in a straight line. For use in harsh environments or special occasions, please install a protective mechanism yourself.

The above is about the installation and use of the motorized linear stage.