How to choose the electric translation table correctly

- May 06, 2020-

The table of translation table is 40 × 40m m, and the stroke is 13mm. The main material of this series of products is stainless steel. The guide rail is imported ultra-high precision cross roller guide rail. With the special precision grinding technology of our company, this series of products have ultra-high precision, sensitivity up to 1 μ m, and smooth operation, This series of products are especially suitable for the field of ultra-high precision manual adjustment, especially for the precise adjustment of fiber coupling or optical waveguide devices, DPSS laser components

Features of electric translation platform

1. It can convert the rotation motion of motor into linear motion quantitatively, and its energy conversion efficiency can reach up to 70% (ball screw). This index directly improves the load capacity of electric translation table

2. High motion accuracy. Positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy can reach micron level. For example, if the driving motor is a stepping motor, The step angle of the motor is 1.8 °. The screw pitch of the driving screw is 4mm. When the motor rotates for a circle, 200 steps of linear displacement reflected on the translation platform is the screw pitch of the screw 4 mm. The linear displacement of the electromotor is 4 / 200 = 0.02mm. In addition, the driver of the electromotor has the function of pulse subdivision. It can subdivide every action of the electromotor. If 8 subdivision is used, the linear displacement of the electromotor can reach submicron level in theory

3. The high-speed movement can be realized by changing different motion conversion forms. In many applications, it is necessary to improve the movement speed of the translation table. In such cases, the electric movement table usually appears in such forms. The drive is high-speed servo motor, the drive is large pitch lead screw, or tooth tooth bar drive, tooth belt, etc. in this way, the movement speed is improved without sacrificing the accuracy and stability

4. When used in combination, the tool installed on it can reach any point on the three-dimensional space. Through the linear interpolation control, the complex motion track can be realized

The cross slide composed of two electric translation tables is widely used in machine tools. When the workpiece is fixed on it, the interpolation motion can be realized by controlling the motor. It can make the plane motion track of the workpiece become complex and changeable. In addition, it can make the workpiece reach any point on the two-dimensional space

In the same way, if the three-dimensional combination of the electric rotary table is used, one of the translation tables is installed vertically, and the fixed workpiece or tool is installed on the movable table, the complex three-dimensional space trace of the workpiece and tool can be realized, and the workpiece or tool can reach any point on the three-dimensional space

5. Add dust cover, which can be used in the harsh environment such as flying debris, sparks and high dust

How to choose the electric translation platform

When selecting the electric translation table, first make sure whether it needs manual adjustment or motor control, and then make sure the displacement stroke, load size, displacement accuracy, resolution, desired overall dimension, and whether it is quantitative. Generally speaking, the volume of the manual translation table is small, but the travel is small, the load is light, and the price is cheap. Especially when the quantitative adjustment is not needed, the fine tooth screw with 0.25mm pitch is selected for adjustment, Lower cost