What are the types of optical platforms and their production significance

- Jun 10, 2019-

What are the types of optical platforms and their production significance?

Optical platform, also known as optical breadboard, optical desktop, scientific desktop, experimental platform, water level, stable desktop, general platform need to carry out vibration isolation and other measures to ensure that it is not interfered by external factors, so that scientific experiments can be carried out normally.

Optical platforms pursue level, first of all, when processing the entire mesa is extremely flat. After that, the countertop is placed on four connected airbags to ensure the level of the countertop. The table is covered with square-arranged engineering threaded holes, which can be used to fix optical elements. In this way, when you complete the construction of optical equipment, the system will not be subject to external disturbances. Even if the table is pressed, it will automatically return to the level because of the airbag.


Optical platforms can be divided into fixed and adjustable modes, passive or active modes.

Significance of Optical Platform Production

Nowadays, scientific experiments in the scientific community need more and more precise calculation and measurement. Therefore, it is very important to measure the results of experiments with a device which can be isolated from the external environment and interference. Optical platforms, which can fix various optical elements and microscopic imaging equipment, have also become necessary products in scientific research experiments. One of the main objectives of the optical platform Zui is to eliminate the relative displacement between any two or more components on the platform.