What are the characteristics of ultrasonic scanning microscope?

- Apr 10, 2020-

As for the ultrasonic scanning microscope, it can be said that the ultrasonic scanning microscope is an off-line detection and analysis equipment. It can be said that the ultrasonic scanning microscope has independent intellectual property rights. Innovation is the only way for the development of enterprises. In the field of domestic semiconductor special equipment, with years of technology accumulation and continuous innovation, on the basis of years of accumulated technology, forty-five research institutes have accumulated a lot and new products have been launched in the field of semiconductor special equipment. Ssj-100 ultrasonic scanning microscope is one of them.

Domestic specialized scientific research and production units engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of semiconductor special equipment technology, complete machine system and application process, with professional R & D team and processing technology, ranking first in many technical applications such as microelectronics, precision optics, computer application, automatic control, precision machinery and system engineering in China.

Enterprises that provide complete products of projection lithography machine and develop whole line services, whose products involve more than 100 varieties of 10 categories in 4 major fields, have formed a complete and series of supporting product system with lithography machine as the leader, wafer processing equipment, chip packaging equipment and electronic component equipment. It has great advantages in failure analysis, process development, monitoring of key production processes and detection of small batch of products, fills in the domestic blank, and has core technologies related to and independent intellectual property rights in various aspects such as the construction and analysis of ultrasonic images, ultrasonic transmitting and receiving devices, focusing wafer devices, etc.