Video Zoom Lens, Video Zoom Microscope, Industrial Lens, Digital Video Microscope, Monocular Video Microscope

- Aug 15, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: LCD-80101

  • Origin: China

  • Trademark: PDV

Observe the head

Binocular vision head, dip Angle of 20 °, pd 55-75 - mm

Binocular vision head tilting type, adjustable Angle 0 ° to 35 °, pd 55-75 - mm

The eyepiece



Changing times objective


The main objective

0.5 x flat field apochromatic objective lens

1 x flat field achromatic lens

2 x flat field achromatic lens
0.3 x achromatic lens
0.5 x achromatic lens
Continuous variable times than

1: 6

1: 8
1: 10

Working distance

Focusing system
Focusing spaced 105 mm

Lighting system

Transmission, reflection, LED lighting, brightness is adjustable

Digital part

2 million pixels CMOS image sensor chip, it can display the eyepiece field of 80% With functions of W - LAN and LAN

The output

The Output USB2.0, AV Output, VGA Output, 100 m Ethernet interface
The operating systemWindows CE 5.0

NMS software (microscope)

NMS client (computer software)

SD card

SD Card support large capacity high speed SD card, matching Kingston SD Card is 2 g SD Card

The mouse

Configuration of choose and buy

Coaxial illumination device

Shoot fluorescent devices

Dark field device

Simple polarizing device

Variable optical bar

Photography, camera device

Coaxial coarse fine-tuning rack